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Instant Gratification

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An eternity of rumors and questions have been circling regarding the future of Poloroid film (what now?). Hell, as far as practicality goes, who wants to use a digital printer during model castings? So, some fellas are saving face with “the impossible project”. You can get pretty close to the old-regular Poloroid coloring (though everything has a very vintage-esque looking tint) or choose from (1-3 color) packs.  It’ll certainly set you back a pretty penny…So just wait a year and there will be at least 40 people producing them.


Magnificent Earth

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It’s Earth Day!

That means you should be in a park, or taking a hike, or planting trees, or smoking them or something, right?

However you celebrate, take a break with some nature, and feel exceptionally guilty about the amount of plastic bags you have.

Loomstate Celebrates with a 40 piece drum circle

Puma celebrates with shoebox-less shoes

How do you celebrate?

But does it float?

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Like most, I procrastinate with image library websites a lot. New love: Butdoesitfloat. Great addition to ffffound and jjjjound for inspiration (and a visually stimulating excuse to avoid productivity).  But it’s super great! It includes links to articles, quotes, and write-ups (all pretty beautifully typed) and has an undeniably awesome name!

Excerpt from Joan Didion


In Focus On:, Musica, Smashin Fashion on 04/11/2010 at 21:35

Nina Persson, mastermind behind The Cardigans and A Camp is taking a stab at designing via Swedish label Hope for their Fall 2010 collection. Unlike most musicians turned fashion curators, she’s actually done a great job! Plus, she’s actually honest about her feelings on the fashion world. More reasons why Nina Persson is utterly charming in this Style.com interview.