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New Journalism

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In April of 1966, Gay Talese published a legendary piece for the ever finessed Esquire Magazine, titled “Frank Sinatra has a cold”.  Noted as one of the most prized pieces featured in the rag, I figure you may be as tickled as I with Gay’s historically impeccable composition.





Dymaxion World

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DYnamic – MAXimum – tensION

“Dymaxion”- the idea that rational action in a rational world demands the most efficient overall performance per unit of input.

Buckminster Fuller. What a genius. What a prodigy. What a rational.







Rebel Without A Cause

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Dennis Hopper; actor, painter, poet, photographer, etc, etc… May the talented jack of all trades and women rest in peace after an iconic career.

D.H. Photography via Vanity Fair feature.



Paul Newman by Dennis Hopper

Jane Fonda by Dennis Hopper

Jasper Johns by Dennis Hopper

Ed Ruscha by Dennis Hopper



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The Sunday paper featured Phillipe Halsman’s jump photographs (!!) which look like an extraordinary amount of fun.

“When you ask a person to jump, his attention is mostly directed toward the act of jumping, and the mask falls, so that the real person appears.” 

Exhibition closes Friday, so swing by this week! (20 West 57th Street)








Instant Gratification

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An eternity of rumors and questions have been circling regarding the future of Poloroid film (what now?). Hell, as far as practicality goes, who wants to use a digital printer during model castings? So, some fellas are saving face with “the impossible project”. You can get pretty close to the old-regular Poloroid coloring (though everything has a very vintage-esque looking tint) or choose from (1-3 color) packs.  It’ll certainly set you back a pretty penny…So just wait a year and there will be at least 40 people producing them.

But does it float?

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Like most, I procrastinate with image library websites a lot. New love: Butdoesitfloat. Great addition to ffffound and jjjjound for inspiration (and a visually stimulating excuse to avoid productivity).  But it’s super great! It includes links to articles, quotes, and write-ups (all pretty beautifully typed) and has an undeniably awesome name!

Excerpt from Joan Didion


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Speaking of gentlemen, a video of one of my favorites, Sir Paul Smith,  reveals that he is shockingly more of an obsessive hoarder collector than I.

Leandro Erlich

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Interesting …

Volt of Craft

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Here are some picks from Volta and Pulse that were terribly taken on my phone.

Though hard to watch, i’m completely an advocate for anyone willing to hammer nails into their feet, if you’re not, I suggest skipping the video…you may vomit.

McQueen F/2010

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This might be the most mindblowingly well done collection i’ve ever seen.