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But does it float?

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Like most, I procrastinate with image library websites a lot. New love: Butdoesitfloat. Great addition to ffffound and jjjjound for inspiration (and a visually stimulating excuse to avoid productivity).  But it’s super great! It includes links to articles, quotes, and write-ups (all pretty beautifully typed) and has an undeniably awesome name!

Excerpt from Joan Didion


Leandro Erlich

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Interesting …

Volt of Craft

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Here are some picks from Volta and Pulse that were terribly taken on my phone.

Though hard to watch, i’m completely an advocate for anyone willing to hammer nails into their feet, if you’re not, I suggest skipping the video…you may vomit.

Fabulous Fleur + Flair

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The highly influential, highly stylish, highly beautiful, short lived magazine edited by the highly elegant (and insanely long lived) Fleur Cowles has me in a tizzy each time I see it.  Collecting pennies for the compilation I saw in Partners & Spade last week, and the individual issues available via ebay.  If you beat me to the chase, well, at least show me your copies…

Alexander McQueen, RIP

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News announcements today have declared the tragic death of highly coveted, immensely talented (and a young 40 years of age) designer (Lee) Alexander McQueen.  The British-born Central Saint Martins grad challenged the standards of presentation, building an empire based on wild imagination and bizaare, impeccable design.  His influence will certainly survive him.

New York Times Obituary


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I’ve always been fascinated with scientific art, and E.A. Seguy creates inspirational prints of magnificence. Here are a few of my favorites.

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